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This article contains sensitive material.
Information in this article may not be suitable for those who are easily disturbed. Warnings include bullying, kidnapping, torture, murder, suicide, graphic violence, partial nudity, eldritch monstrosities, murderous ice fairies, genocide crusades, succubi, busty pink-haired schoolgirls, kittnes, and lewd manga.

List of Easter eggs in Yandere Simulator is a game that has many secrets. Here are them all, all in one page.

  • Fun Girl
  • Phantom Girl
  • Info-chan (Responsible for Ayano killing people )
  • Easter eggs
  • Hacks
  • Glitched platform
  • Blood
  • Knife
  • Some poems
  • Text (Character speech of text)
  • Kitten
  • The Easter Egg Menu