Easter Eggs Wiki

The Easter Eggs in Wall-E range from characters to items, and the most common four digit combo in the Pixar movies.


One of the first eggs can be found on the Eve sculpture. It is Luxo, the Pixar lamp.

Toy Story[]

  • The second easter egg is the Pizza Planet truck found when Eve was searching for plant life on Earth.
  • One of the hardest easter eggs to find in Wall-E is Rex. Rex is found in Wall-E's "collection" of items he finds interesting in the trash-filled wasteland that is Earth.


The most common easter egg toward the end of the movie is A113. AUTO, the robot that steers the ship, uses that as the code to tell the people and crew they shouldn't go back to Earth.

Monsters, Inc.[]

in the little sun light in the little toy mike from monsters inc and monsters university