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The True Lab can only be found in the true pacifist route. It is called the true lab because the actual lab, is just where Alphys works, and spends her time, but the True Lab was probably where WD Gaster did his experiments.

The bed[]

This lab has a room filled with beds, one bed is different from the rest, it has the blanket down, all the beds are empty, by laying down in this weird bed and not touching the controls for a minute, a creature appears on the left and covers us up in the sheets before vanishing however if we press any button to leave said bed he just leaves.

The amalgamates[]

the only enemies in this lab are the amalgamates, experiments preformed by alphys and gaster created them, the extraction machine in the room lemon bread appears extracts determination from the human souls and injects it into a dying monster, it didn't go as planned, now they roam the halls.

These creatures include:

Memory heads

Lemon bread


Shower blob

bed blob

Snowdrakes mother

Reaper bird