Easter Eggs Wiki

Toy Story[]

this firs buzz fly in to jump into luxo ball later woody and buzz goes to pizza planet in the lamp name luxo sr and finally buzz and woody losing in the gas station dinoco (so reference to movie cars) a113 is a plate in the Andy mom car in the back

Toy Story 2[]

for this firs time in the buzz and the toys Andy rescue woody in the al toy barn in the bugs in the movie a bug life and the credits in the bloopers flik and the bug in the 1998 bug life meanwiled fix woody in the hand scene and the man name geri of the short geri game and the hamm into the channel the commercial al toy barn and the short movie tin toy knick knack and luxo jr and finally the DVD menu toy story 2 into the ball far away and buzz and toy inside al toy barn in the ball is here.