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Easter Eggs[]

1: Polar Toon, Go to the Brrgh then go on Polar Place, Go to the building called "Hibernation Vacations" Once you are inside say the Speedchat Phrase "Howdy!" You will be a Polar toon. This Effect lasts for one hour.

2: Resistance Salute Emote, go to Donald's Dreamland, Go on the street Pajama Place, then find a building called "Talking in your sleep voice training" Once inside, say the Speedchat Phrase "Would you like some help?" Notifications will pop up and you will have an Emote called "Resistance Salute"

I hope you can use these easter eggs

This is a MMORPG it is really fun :) you level up your character by defeating evil robots called "Cogs" and you can talk to your friends and make new friends online, look it up.

Feel free to edit this with any easter eggs you find :)