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List of Easter eggs in Temmie Village is an Easter Egg in UNDERTALE.

Home of the Temmies, a species in UNDERTALE.

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Temmie Village

Where To Find[]

Temmie Village is found in the mysterious room after meeting Undyne, so to get there you must go backwards.


In Temmie Village there are the Temmies, named after Temmie Chang. When you talk to a Temmie they say "Hoi im Temmie and dis is my friend Temmie!" or "Hoi im Temmie and dont forget my friend Temmie! then the last one says "Hi I'm Bob." which is completely different use of grammar. Down further there is the Temmie watching her hard boiled egg, waiting to become a mother, and the Temmie allergic to Temmie.

Tem Shop[]

In the center there is the Tem shop, where you can buy Temmie flakes of pay Temmie to go to college. If you pay for college you have to pay for graduate school. After that you can buy the Temmie Armor. During the Genocide route you cannot pay for college, instead there is Temmie Flakes Premium. Each type of Temmie Flakes heal the same amount(2HP) but they are all different prices. Like Temmie Flakes Cheap is one gold, whereas Temmie Flakes Normal is 3 gold. The Expensive and Premium are a waster of gold, because Expensive costs 20 gold and Premium costs 1000. All of them heal the same so just get cheap.

Unused Track grandpasemi[]

If when selling to Temmie you refuse to give her/him Temmie Flakes the unused track grandpasemi will play.

Signs and Dialogue[]

Sign 1


welcom to...



”A deep history of Tem.”

Temmie 1


I’m Temmie!

and dis is my friend...


Temmie 2

Same dialogue as Temmie 1

Temmie 3

First half same as Temmie 1 & 2, second half:

”don forget my friend!!”


Hi. I’m Bob.

Save Point

”You feel... something. You’re filled with detemmienation.“

Egg Tem

"tem... WATCH EG!"

"eg... WIL HATCH!!!!!!!!!!!"

"tem... PROUD PARENT!"


"It's hard-boiled."

Hole in the wall

"Feeling of being watched."


"Statue of tem... very famus"



  • There are 8 Temmies total, 6 are in the main part of the village while the other two are in the Tem shop and in a crack in the wall.
  • in the Tem shop there is a picture of the annoying dog, who represents Toby Fox, the creator of the game.
  • The only Temmie with a confirmed gender is Bob.