Easter Eggs Wiki


Heavy Weight glitch[]

The first one was removed, but, if you fly up to the red god star, the jump of running at full speed, and while you are falling, you put on the red weights, then you will gain movement speed from them while falling.

Under the map[]

Simply take out the ghost rider bike, and you are under the map.


Go to the hotel, run you fastest against the door, then press v. You will teleport into the hotel.

OP jump glitch[]

Go into the City Port, then go down to where the ice bath is. Go under the fire pit, and go around. You will be in a weapon section. There is a table, which if you try to get on, you will find an invisible barrier blocking you from going. BUT! If you go to the side, the jump on sideways, you can get on it. Put on the heaviest weights you can jump with, and go to the corner, and start jumping. You will be getting jump force more often, and sometimes movement speed too.


Weapons Building[]

There is a weapons building, that you can just walk into. Unlike other buildings, the door is walk-through, so it is supposed to be like that. This room is not well known, and a safe place to hide.