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Spike Hoppin' is a clone of the arcade game Q*Bert, where the player must change all onscreen triangles to the same brightness shade to advance to the next level while avoiding a multitude of enemies.


There is a Voyager fly-by, infinite lives/skip level trick, and a hidden bonus game also included.

What to do[]

For the Voyager fly-by, on the copyright screen, hold down buttons one, two and four on the controller until Voyager appears.

To access Vectrepede, on the Spike Hoppin' title screen, hold down buttons one and three, and then press four to access it.

To acquire infinite lives and skip levels, start a new game of Spike Hoppin', but don't score any points; jump off the top platform so you won't land on any of the others below (which would score points). Do this until there is only one life left, then hold down button four and jump for infinite lives; afterwards, to skip a level, press button one.