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Rings of Power is a isometric role-playing game released on the Sega Genesis in 1991. The game at the time was much like PC role-playing games. Young sorcerer Buc is on a quest to find the eleven rings, restore the Rod of a Creation, and destroy the evil Void once and for all.

Topless Woman[]

As the Genesis is being turned on, hold down the buttons A, B, C, and start, along with the d-pad in the diagonal/lower right position until the Naughty Dog logo comes up. If done correctly, in replace of the Naughty Dog, a topless women will come up.

Beggar Developer[]

In your travels, you may encounter a beggar that will ask for 50 gold. If you accept and continue pressing A for more dialogue, the beggar will say things like "Please don't make me reprogram the interface again. Not the blitter code, and never ever let me see the buc1.bc file again!" and "I hate censorship! I'll say %#*(% if I da*#$+ well please!"