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Prodigy Math Game

Prodigy Math Game is an educational math game for grades 1-8.

Easter Eggs[]

Billyfoot Dog[]

The Billyfoot dog is a small dog sitting on a child. It can be found in Lamplight Town, Skywatch, Bonfire Spire, Crystal Caverns, and Harmony Island.

Secret Text[]

The secret text is a line of text found in both Crystal Caverns and Skywatch. The meaning of the text is unknown.

Old One Holes[]

When the player is performing Rune Runs, they may see deep pits in the beaches surrounding the area.

While it is unknown if those holes in Harmony Island are actually created by the Old One, given the Island's position, and how close it is to Shipwreck Shore, it is possible that they were created by the Old One.

FNAF Animatronics

In some season passes, you might see an animatronic. They have some resemblance to the original FNAF animatronics.