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File:Mutilate A Doll 2 - Buff Doll - How to Summon him

Here is a video of how to summon BUFFDOLL


This is a picture of BUFFDOLL

Buffdoll was added as an "April Fools" , due to the fact it was added on April 1st, 2016. It was based off Siersciuch's fanart, Ragaouku.

Spawning Buffdoll[]

To spawn Buffdoll, there are multiple steps:

  1. download the game since flash shut down
  2. place a memorial tombstone.
  3. light a candlestick
  4. type BUFFDOLL many times.
  5. voila! there is a buff doll!
  6. you can use the buff potion if you want

Also note that the Ragdoll should be near the Memorial Tombstone and the Candlestick. Also, when typing 'buffdoll', spacebars are not essential to type, nor are cap-locked letters. Contains an error when you quicksave and reload.

Buffdolls now saveable thanks to the Maker Update.