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There are a number of Disney and Pixar references in Monsters, Inc. firs boo and sully back to room from is coming next year 2003 finding nemo boo in the plush nemo in to all toys boo late mike open door from nemo is dead in the wall remember to boo back home in to ball pixar ball so remember buzz fly into room Andy Randall goes to trailer to a bug life so pizza planet truck in to outside a113 in to sky the star 1 34 06 time in to internet movies jessie the doll from toy story 2 so 1999 woody meet jessie into hotel al and ending credits bloopers rex in the street from toy story 1 and 2 meanwhile Randall and monsters traind in the door for kids screams from background the sky from toy story 1 beginning in the movie.

Finding Nemo[]

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Toy Story[]