Easter Eggs Wiki

The below is presumed to be from Macromedia Fireworks 8. [clarification needed]

Easter Eggs[]

MX Developer's Faces[]

First go to help, then go to the About Fireworks section. There, when the 'Splash' screen comes up hold down ctrl and click on the Fireworks/Macromedia logos in the center. From there you can watch a presentation of the developer's faces.

Programmer's Faces[]

To see the faces of the programmers, press About Fireworks section, then hold ctrl and left click on the black and blue M logo. From there you can see the programmer's faces.

Animal Easter Egg[]

First go to the About Fireworks section. Then when the credits are loaded, press ctrl and click in the middle of the number 8, After that you'll see developers on animal's bodies.

Developer's Photographs[]

To see the Developer's photographs, choose About from the Help Menu to display 'Splash' screen. Then hold down ctrl+shift+alt and click anywhere on the Splash screen.