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The following is a list of Easter Eggs that appear in Dying Lightand its DLC The Following.

Batman: The Dark Knight[]


During the mission to rescue Dr. Zere from Rais' compound if one were to go to the office-like area once inside one could find a desk where Rais recreated the 'pencil trick' scene from Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight. Seems like he does have a sense of humor.

COD: Air Strike[]

File:Dying Light Airstrike Blueprint Location

During the main mission Broadcast, if the player were to feel up to swimming during the storm, they may venture out into the water from the main shore line. Towards the bridge, they will find a crashed helicopter. Not far off is a crate, inside of which is the blueprints for the Call of Duty Air Strike perk. As soon as it is collected, the player will start to drown and must resurface quickly.

Assassins Creed: Collectible Flags[]

One of the set of collectibles, a set of 30 Flags is a reference to the collectible flags retrieved by the Assassins in the Assassins Creed franchise. All can be found in hard to access, high places. Each Flag is worth 500 Agility Points.

Bates Motel[]

File:468px-Bites Motel.png

On the shore side of the Slums, there is a zombie infested motel named Bites Motel, a reference to the television series Bates Motel, which itself a reference to the movie Psycho and the character of Norman Bates. The player will be sent here during The Prodigal Son side-quest to find Alexei's son, Kristov.

Blue Screen of Death[]

File:C612ydlVRCCsnydyhcN1 Dying Light 20150829184450.jpg

After getting out of the Sewers while traveling to Sector 0 there are some offices upstairs. There is upon a desk a laptop showing the blue screen of death.

Dancing Zombies[]

File:Dying Light Dancing Zombies Easter Egg

Early in the game, the player will have the chance to help a survivor, who claims to be a werewolf, found at the train depot. Ignore him, and enter the hangar, and quickly turn to the nearby radio on the power box, and switch it on. The zombies in the room will perform a rather pleasant dance number to the music for a few minutes, then will attack the player.

Destiny: Loot Cave[]

File:Dying Light - Destiny Easter Egg

In the Slums area, there is a cave hidden in the mountains near the harbor, on the northeastern side of the map. Upon entering a notification will appear reading:

"Your destiny is to build your legend (and get loot)."

Inside, are several chests of loot, and hordes of infected that will attack the player in waves. Killing all of them will cause another message to appear reading:

"Enough! Patch 1.0.2 activated. Better do some quests."

This is a reference to the Loot Cave in Destiny which was abused by players for farming until a patch was added and the area made into an Easter Egg. Doing this awards 1000 Survivor Points.

Developer's weapons[]

On the roof of the apartment building in the Slums, near the entrance to the underground parking lot quarantine zone, if a certain blue toolbox found back behind some crates and barrels is kicked about 74-75 times, the blueprints for the Korek Machete, a machete named after Korek, a developer of Dying Light can be obtained. While the player is kicking the toolbox, Crane makes several remarks to attempt to discourage the player from successfully opening the crate.

It is also interesting to note the toolbox reuses the Antizen airdrop case seen in other parts of the game.

File:Dying Light Right Hand of Glova Easter Egg

In the residence and safe-house of Ishaq which can be entered during and after the side mission Do You Believe?, there is a skull on a stone with an eight-pointed star. Upon reaching and obtaining two different eyes for the skull at different parts of Old Town and placing both eyes into the skull's hollow eye sockets in one single game session, the blueprints for the hand of glova, which also appears as a developer's weapon in Dead Island, can be obtained.

Dr. Who[]

Upon going in the basement for the 'Wizard' one will come across a weeping angel. This may be a reference to the Weeping Angels from the Dr. Who franchise.

Easy Way Out[]

In the Slums district, there is an abandoned little shore side village. One of the homes has boxes of fruit and cases of water, with a sign reading "Take what u want won't be needing these anymore". In the house, there is a dead man in a chair, who has shot himself in the head. His pistol is on the floor beside him. The weapon only has two rounds in it, but it is a way to obtain a firearm early in the game. More ammunition can be found in police vans and the gun could also be turned over to Dawud for his quest 'Gunslinger' early on. The EXPcaliber can be found close to this. See below for the easter egg.


File:Dying Light - SECRET Sword EXPCalibur Location & Blueprint

Out in the water bordering the Slums, towards the far southeastern part of the map, there is a small rock. On this rock is a decomposing corpse, who is gripping a large, medieval battle sword lodged in his chest.

The HUD of this weapon reads "This EXPcalibur belongs to me.". The player must hold the interact button for close to 3 minutes before they can pull the sword from the corpse, a reference to the story of King Arthur and the Sword in the Stone (in this case sword in the zombie). The corpse will ignite into a fireball, and after it burns away, there will be a blueprint to craft the EXPcalibur weapon. You can be killed by the flames however the blueprints will remain until picked up.

Exploding Teddy-Bear[]

File:Dying Light Exploding Teddy Easter Egg (Stasis Field Projector)

This easter egg can be found while doing the side-mission Rupert The Gunsmith. Upon going into the the daycare area that is shown to you on the map you can find a pink teddy bear sitting on a pile of beanbags. Interacting with it causes it to say "I love you". Keep on interacting with it and and it will tell you to "stop it" and not touch it. Keep on interacting and the bear will say "You asked for it" before exploding and allowing you to craft the stasis field projector.

Giant Volatile[]

Upon completing the main mission Broadcast, the player will need to return to the main city, through the tunnel system. Whilst going through one of the maintenance corridors, the player will see a wooden door. Look through the window, and there is a Volatile with his back to you. Also in the room, are massive piles of shredded human carcasses, and a gathering of around 20 Volatiles, gathered around one exceptionally large Volatile, who is a good 15 feet tall. Attempting to open the door, which is locked, will cause the closest Volatile to attack the door calling others to it. Using no-clip glitches, players can access the room. However, since the player is not meant to enter the room, there is no Artificial Intelligence (AI) built into the Volatiles in the room, and they cannot be interacted with.

Half-Life 2[]


In the school there is a zombie that seems to have been cut in half by a saw blade. This is a reference to the gravity gun used by the protagonist in Half-Life 2 used to send objects, including saw blades, at enemies to kill them.

Harry Potter's Room[]

File:468px-TF EE Harry Room.png

In the DLC The Following if one were to go to a T-shaped building in the southwest side of the map north of a safe zone and just south of a Bolter feeding ground, one would be able to find a room under the stairs reminiscent of the bedroom of the Boy-Who-Lived from the Harry Potter franchise. In the room is a wizard hat similar to the sorting hat and a pair of round glasses on the nightstand. Investigating the skull on the high shelf until it spins out of control and ghosts will enter the house. Kill one downstairs and another upstairs to unlock an upper room leading outside.

Hidden QR Code[]

In the beginning of the game once you wake after the opening cut-scene if one were to look around the room one would see a poster of Jade "The Scorpion" Aldemir with a QR code on the bottom right. Get Crane close enough to it and it works as a real-life code to the site http://www.harran-city.com.

Kyle Crane's Collection[]

As the story progresses, the player can return to their room at the Tower to find memoirs of their exploits and experiences in the game:

  • There are photos of each zombie the player encounters, as well as a postcard from Old Town on a corkboard.
  • There are meteorite fragments from the side mission Legless Spider.
  • The book "Play the Guitar" will appear in the room if collected, and enable the player to play the acoustic guitar if the book was picked up during the school section of the main quest Siblings.
  • There is a Gas Tank's HAZMAT Suit hanging on the wall.
  • Both a Goon's firefighter helmet, and a military helmet on the bottom posts of the bed.
  • There is the wizard's hat for completing the side quest Dungeon.
  • A No Vacancy sign after completing the side quest The Prodigal Son.
  • A pair of Binoculars on the desk after the side quest Binoculars.
  • There is a Ray McCall action figure, which picked up during the side quest Gunslinger, which is a reference to one of Techland's previous titles Call of Juarez, however it doesn't show in the room until you've finished the side quest Lost in Space.
  • There is a box of crayons from side quest "Crayons for the Kids", as well as drawings made by the Tower children for Crane in return for getting them some crayons.
  • A globe appears in the room after finishing the school portion of the main quest, Siblings.
  • After the side mission Cease and Desist, a poster of Erol Asani is hung on the wall and three cans of spray paint can be found on the desk.
  • After finishing the side quest The Shadow of the King, a poster of Ishaq and a smoker both appear in your room.
  • A skull, jewelry box, and candle are added to the desk shelves after finishing the side quest Bring Me the Brain of Usain Bolter.
  • After the side mission Mother's Day, you also get 2 DVD's on your desk, Superbad and Charley.
  • There's a construction hat on the table by the TV after you finish the main quest Public Face.
  • A teddy bear wearing a riot gear helmet and shoulder pads with a sheriffs badge sits on the TV after a quest.
  • A life preserver is hung on the wall next to the posters after completing a quest.
  • An Indiana Jones styled hat is hung above the bed, and a gold pot is added to the shelving above the bed after a quest.

The Last of Us[]

File:Dying Light The Last of Us Easter Egg

During The Bunker side-mission, the player will be required to access the Harran City Hall administrations building. In the uppermost accessible floor, there will be an elevator crawling with bugs. Approach the elevator, and out will come an enemy that looks very similar to the Clicker infected from The Last of Us. The elevator itself is drenched in blood and infested with roaches. Kill the 'Clicker', and loot his body to obtain the Clicker weapon modification.

Left 4 Dead[]


In the Slums, there is a bakery with the sign "Left 4 Bread" near a safe zone slightly north of the Tower. This is a reference to Valve's 4-player co-op zombie game Left 4 Dead.

Legend of Zelda: The Hero Of Time[]

File:468px-DL Mastersword2.jpg

If one was to do Dawud's side-mission Gunslinger before making your way to Old Town, upon meeting with the survivors trying to also make their way there one would meet him and his son. His son is holding a toy version of Link's Master Sword from the Legend of Zelda franchise.

Legend of Zelda: Phrase, Toy Sword, and Theme[]

File:Legend of Zelda Easter Egg in Dying Light?

For this easter egg you need to complete the side-mission Crayons for the Kids. Upon bring Kate the crayons she will pay you saying, "Here, take this. You'll make better use of it than I will." This may be a reference to the opening of the original Legend of Zelda where an old man gives Link a sword and says, "It's dangerous to go alone! Take this." After this a child in the next room will also be holding a toy version of Links Master Sword, much like Dawud's son above. Listening closely one could also hear a child humming a tune that sounds like a piece of ocarina music from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Plants vs. Zombies[]

File:Dying Light Plants vs Zombies Easter Egg

In the grassy areas of the Antenna Station, towards the mountains, the player can use the left zip-line in the giant antenna tower, after using this zip-line the player can find another zip-line leading into a few mountains (you can also find the mountains through a small tunnel inside of Volcan Yasif Dal's cave) in the mountains the player can find a flower,. Interacting with the flower will teleport the player upon a garden of giant plants, doing battle with waves of Biters wearing comical things on their heads as helmets. Some of the plants can be used, and the Biters will attack the player if they get too close.

Playing the Guitar[]

In Kyle Crane's room in the Tower, there is an acoustic guitar. Interacting with it will make him pluck a few notes. However, the player can find a book called "Learn the Guitar" which can be found on the mission to infiltrate the school with Jade in one of the rooms with another guitar. If the book is collected, the player can return to the Tower (or Erol's hideout), and then interact with the guitar again. Now, he will play a gloomy, acoustic version of the Dying Light Theme (Good Night, Good Luck), this can be also considered as a reference to the several pianos easter egg in Max Payne 3, in which Max doesn't play the main theme correctly but when progressing through the levels he plays the theme with no mistakes. This is also be a nod to the Metro 2033 series.

Silence of the Lambs[]

File:Dying Light Silence of the Lambs Easter Egg

During the side-mission Where's My Mother?, the player will have to rescue a woman from a man who has her locked up under his residence to be used for sexual purposes. Upon finding her, the player can also find a basket with a bottle of lotion inside of it.

Star Trek: The Death of Spock[]


While doing the side-mission The Launch, on the back of the sunken boat there is a 'Live Long and Prosper' hand salute along side the boats name which is Prosper based on that phrase.

Star Trek: Enterprise Number[]


While not much, in the school building there is a decal on the wall with the words [NCC 1701] which is a reference to the Enterprise star ship in the Star Trek franchise.

Star Trek: Red Shirt[]

File:Aq6EBrRNmraxTeUmDVIQ CZ 5j1yWQAATV 5.jpg

In a makeshift graveyard there is a sign with the words 'Guy in Red Shirt' written with red letters. This is a reference to the Star Trek meme that anyone in the series wearing a red shirt will in that episode, die.

Star Wars: May The Force Be With You[]

During the protection mission where you must protect the fisherman attempting to get to his fishing spot, once you have gotten him there he parts with the words "May the fish be with you." This is a not so subtle reference to the common phrase used by many characters is the Star Wars franchise, "May the force be with you."

South Park: Underpants Gnome[]

In Kyle Crane's room there is a map with a bunch of sticky notes on it. These notes say '1: Phase One 2: ??? 3: Profit. This is a reference to the Underpants Gnomes in the South Park franchise.

Super Mario: World 1-1[]

File:Dying Light Easter Egg - Super Mario World 1-1

On the west side of Old Town if the player is to explore the rooftops, in one of the chimneys, they will find a rather conspicuous looking green pipe. Holding the pull button for a few moments will enable players the option to enter "World 1-1". Doing so will drop players into a rather disturbing version of "Super Mario Bros.", where the player must walk in a thin strip of ground, surrounded by a pool of blood (which will instantly kill the player if they fall into it), and climb across blocks to avoid miniature biters, and full sized Bombers. Biters are also dressed in a rounded grey cone mimicking Goombas from the Super Mario Bros franchise. World 1-1 counts as a safe zone, meaning one of the only ways to kill the Biters is by jumping on them. There are also several brown or yellow floating blocks scattered around the level. Jumping under the brown blocks will destroy them, while jumping under the yellow blocks will place a consumable item on top of them. Jumping upon the correct blocks will also reveal a hidden block, on top of which is the blueprint for the Pyza Suit. This is a reference to Mario's "Tanuki Suit", which enables the player to "fly" or glide over a short distance.

Jumped to her Death[]

Along the rocky hillside of the slum, where the rocky outcroppings meet the water, the player can find a corpse floating in the water near some seaweed. She is Caucasian, dressed in very short denim shorts and a tank top, and her hair tied back, and has no apparent cause of death, other than possible drowning. Grappling up the cliff above her corpse however shows a set of clothing meaning she may just have not checked how deep the water was before cliff-diving.

Worst... Bridge... Ever...[]

At the Antenna station, there is a very unstable, rickety, decrepit bridge frame that the player may cross. Navigating the bridge is quite a hassle, and upon making it across, Kyle Crane remarks, "Worst... bridge... ever!". This is a reference to Comic Book Guy and his famous quote from The Simpsons.


Inside the Bites Motel there is bloody bathroom stall where there is bloodied hand prints on the wall and blood on the floor. This serves as a reference to the movie Zombieland as one of the rules was to watch out for bathrooms as zombies can crawl under the stall and attack their unsuspecting victim.

Zombie Survival Guide / Zombieland[]

The mission 'A Survivor's Guide to Zombieland' is a reference to the well-known book (recently adapted into a film) called Zombie Survival Guide and also to a comedy-horror film Zombieland (not based on the book).


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