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Doki Doki Literature Club! is a dating sim-into-horror game made by Dan Salvato.


List of all secrets in List of Easter eggs in Doki Doki Literature Club: [1]

  • hxppy thoughts.png
  • Natsuki's file, invert the colors and put on a 3d cone.
  • Ghost girls menu.
  • Yuri creepy face during act 2 poem minigame.
  • All the girl's files have a hidden something in them.
  • Natsuki's eyes
  • Yuri's eyes
  • Yuri's flying eye
  • Deleting "monika.chr" or sayori's character before Act 1 begins
  • Reviving Monika's character in act 4
  • Yuri without eyes
  • Monika knows what device you are playing on
  • While the girls stare at you Yuri may appear with real eyes.
  • Natsuki doesn't have a death scene
  • If you change all the girls files, then all of them become yanderes.
  • Yuri's Real eyes (Happens during act 2)

Easter Eggs[]

Natsuki's realistic mouth

During Act 2, during the third day, there's a 1/4 (25%) chance that during the conversation with Yuri near the closet, Natsuki's eyes will turn into shifting black pixels, her mouth will turn realistic-looking and she will say "mibulls sailcloth blindsight lifeline anan rectipetality faultlessly offered scleromalacia neighed catholicate". It is unknown if those words have any possible meaning, or if they are random words.

What happens if you delete Monika to save Sayori

Sayori will appear on your screen wanting everything to stop, she will delete and close the whole game system and opening a black & white picture of her hanged.After a while a message will appear on your screen saying "Now everyone can be happy".