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The number 11037 found in some of the series' games. This number is Leon's name flipped upside down.

Naegi Makoto da[]

”Nagito Komaeda” can be rearranged to say “Naegi Makoto Da” which means, “I am Makoto Naegi.”

Tsumugi Shirogane's reference[]

She says her favorite episode of Doraemon is the 53rd one, referencing it is the 53rd killing game.

Nail Brush [1][]

If Kaede talks to Tsumugi early on she'll give her a nail brush and Tsumugi references Full Metal Alchemist by promising to paint her nails as an "equivalent exchange."

Gilgamesh level condescension [2][]

Tsumugi again, she accuses someone of having "Gilgamesh level condescension" and asks which holy grail war they were from. This was a fate/stay night reference.


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