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DDay Crossword

D-Day was one of the most important military operations of World War II. Like all such operations, it was a closely guarded secret, kept under wraps by the use of various code words.

The D-Day crossword is a crossword puzzle that appeared in the UK Telegraph a month before the launch of the invasion. The only problem was one of the solutions was "Utah", one of the code words. Subsequent crosswords in the same newspaper leading up to the invasion contained more of the code words:

  • Utah: name for the beach invaded by the 4th U.S. Assault Division
  • Omaha: three weeks later - name of the beach to be invaded by the 1st U.S. Assault Division
  • Overlord: five days later - name for the D-Day invasion itself
  • Mulberry: three days later - name for the floating harbors carrying troops
  • Neptune: five days before the invasion - name for the naval assault

The creator of the crosswords admitted he had students fill them out, so there was not much to go on with the investigation. Years later, one of the students - Ronald French - copped to being the one who made the clues. He spent his free time hanging out with soldiers and had overheard their conversations.