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Billyfoot Squirrel is an Easter Egg in Prodigy Math Game.


Billyfoot Squirrel is a brown toy squirrel with a Wizard head on its foot. The squirrel itself has thin whiskers in the shape of a mustache, peanut shaped ears, and brown eyes, which are looking up for some reason. It's attempting to hug itself with its short and rather stubby fore legs, and is sitting with its legs splayed out. The wizard has pale skin, brown hair, and brown eyes. Billy also has a red collar, and a green patch on its belly. The toy may be made of assorted parts, explaining its odd appearance.

Locations Found[]

Lamplight Town[]

On the right of Sir Vey, where the bags of rice and spices are. He's at the top right, placed behind what could be a bag of Yellow Rice or Turmeric.

Crystal Caverns[]

At one of the spots near the entrance where you battle a shadow-type crystal monster, there is a small strip of land that seems like a dead end. But if you try going through it, it is actually a hidden entrance where you can pass through. Billy will be sitting on a little "island", which is actually a little mountain top. This time he is not blocked by anything.

Harmony Island[]

Main Area:[]

When you arrive, go to the far left side of the beach and up. You'll see a strip of beach at the top of your screen. Click on it then watch your wizard go up and through a secret path to that coast. Keep going up, and then go to the far left. You'll then be able to see the dog "sunning" itself on a private island. The isle itself is inaccessible.

Rune Run[]

It can only be found on "Hard Mode", which is when you select the red teleport stone during a Rune Run.

  • Needs Specification: Next to one of the mysterious holes.
  • Needs Specification: Under a palm tree.

In some cases, it can be found in the first stage, but it's a rare chance and is more normally found during "Hardmode".

  • Needs Specification: Next to a different mysterious hole

Bonfire Spire[]

It's found at where the place where you rescue workers for turnips. Click on a tall rock structure covered in grass. You'll find that your wizard can go behind it. While you hide, the toy will pop in and out repeatedly from behind a rock, as if checking if the coast is clear. If you come out from the "hiding spot", it will fade away.

This is most likely done to make it seem like more than a toy (seemingly a Toy Story reference), a spy for The Puppet Master (a speculation), or maybe some sort of rare creature.


You can find Billy at the Wind Tunnel in Skywatch. Just at the bottom right of the page, the dog can be found hiding behind a thick vine.

Shipwreck Shore[]

On the bottom right of the area called Secret Shore, which is also where you can find Montoya's Blade, Billy can be found on the shipwreck, peeking out from behind a piece of seaweed.


  • It was mentioned during the webinar, along with instructions how to find it in Crystal Caverns.
  • So far, Billyfoot Squirrel has no part in the lore of Prodigy.
  • The name "Billy" was created by the community. Due to how "Billy" is the toy squirrel's foot, it became known as "Billyfoot Squirrel"